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Herb Zinser's Science Reports​

Atomic Anthropology

Atomic Anthropology

Book atomic secerts in - Operations Outer Space

Posted on June 28, 2015 at 8:20 AM

Book 88 analysis report by Herb Zinser looks at some of the subset secret message codes embedded within the larger context of a SCIENCE FICTION book .. that is a decoy book category …. because science fiction books contain many secrets about actual REALITY. .


Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE language analysis tools help us understand the words above.


Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE is comprised of nouns, verbs, concepts, math equations, flowcharts, etc. The ideas found in math and science textbooks are part of the SYMBOL MACHINE.


Maps and Territories - Rijnlandmodel

Language in Thought and Action, S.I. Hayakawa.

Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories

There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds.


The keywords and concepts

--> Outer Space .... subset letter code ...

..................ace --> information pointer to code --> ac + e --> alternating cycle electrons  --> electrons that orbit the atomic nucleaus and the information data space of the even integer  orbitals 2, 4, 6, 8, ..

Above, the odd  integer  orbitals  used by the ODD team  at FermiLAB physics  
.... ... with director Pier Oddone --> Galapagos  Islands  evolution of SDYMBOL LIFE  code name
used by the  Galapagos  Peru extension region.

Oddone -->  Odd + one  --> odd intger series starting
with 1 .... 1, 3, 5, 7, 9,  SKU11 

Atomic English alphabet codes .....  a....b....c....d...e

.address location  ...............................1..........3..........5

The integer  continuum of existential physics   is odd + even integers.

Thus 2, 4, 6  ...... are  Base 2 data processing orbital regions

The graphic arts  shapes of number 2 and captal letter Z  are  considered equivalent in some communication  situations.

Thus the evolution of the God Particle book .........
...................................................d P --> data processing .... to the next project plan stage

the God  2  integer --> God 2in  --> GodZIN project as suggested  by Leon Lederman.


Godzin : Polish » English :

Translations for godzin in the PONS Online Polish » English Dictionary: osiem godzin dziennie, od dwóch do trzech godzin, pracować w pełnym/niepełnym ...


Translations for godzin in the English » Polish Dictionary (Go to Polish » English)


---> it takes five hours

to zajmuje pięć godzin


---> time sheet

lista f przepracowanych godzin


---> it takes a few hours for a meal to digest

trawienie nt posiłku trwa kilka godzin


Translations for godzin in the Polish » English Dictionary (Go to English » Polish)


---> osiem godzin dziennie

eight hours a day


--> od dwóch do trzech godzin

two or three hours


--> pracować w pełnym/niepełnym wymiarze godzin

to work full/part time


Atomic Orbitals - Chemwiki

University of California, Davis

Jul 9, 2014 - A drastically simplified view of the atom looks similar, in which the electrons orbit around the nucleus. The truth is different; electrons, in fact, inhabit regions of space known as orbitals.

Electron shells express their anger VIA the usage of  atomic bio-physics humans  and bullet shells  .... and the display of conflict and anger.

Above, the atomic expression device  ......  and the atomic English language CODE MESSAGE signaling event  ..


Attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan - Wikipedia, the ...


The attempted assassination of United States President Ronald Reagan occurred on March 30, 1981, 69 days into his presidency. While leaving a speaking ...

‎James Brady - ‎Gold Codes - ‎Tim McCarthy - ‎Alexander Haig

Thus  .....   the political science  anger of the periodic atomic table ...  who helped elect  the President VIA the word concept commands .... 

--> Keyword --> electron  ...word subset components 
.............................elect ... ron 
.............................elect   ron reagan ..president of  atomic, bio-physics huamnoid society 

The complete denial of this REALITY process ... the insult to knowledge and existence ... as the superior Republican  Party laughed at the inferior atomic  table and its neutrons and protons... and its  forces and energies  .......
 and refused to acknowledge its role in human affairs.

Thus the Republican Party (and the elite Democrats) view the atomic  table of solids, liquids, and gases   ....  as a host platform to used and exploited by their  thought subroutines that  manipulate the brain SYMBOL PROCESSOR .....  that uses Nature's veriosn of the  Central Nervous System that prefers accuracte and honorable INTELLECTUAL descriptions of  reality.


M-theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


M-theory is a theory in physics that unifies all consistent versions of superstring theory. The existence of such a theory was first conjectured by Edward Witten at a string theory conference at the University of Southern California in the spring of 1995.

‎Introduction to M-theory - ‎Superstring - ‎Edward Witten - ‎S-duality

Introduction to M-theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


M-theory brought all of the string theories together. It did this by asserting that strings are really one-dimensional slices of a two-dimensional membrane vibrating in 11-dimensional space.


Applied physics ........

‎S-duality   two-dimensional membrane vibrating in 11-dimensional space.

.....Keywords and concepts


‎S-duality  two    vibrating 11  --> gives the application created  EVENT

--->  S 11 = September 11, 2001

--->  Two  =  Two Towers in Manhattan Project

--->  membrane vibrating  ...... . the skyscraper membrane of  concrete, glass and steel .....  that vibrated when hit by airplanes


M-theory is a new idea in small-particle physics that is part of superstring theory. The idea, or theory, often causes arguments among scientists, because there is no way to
test it to see if it is true
If ever proven true, M-theory and string theory would mean big progress for science.

Nature's  systems  EARTH LAB   experiment ..... 

test it to see if it is true.





 M-theory  is a new idea in small-particle physics that is part of superstring theory.

--> M-theory applictaion test site --> Manhattan theory

--> small-particle physics  ..the usage of airplanes as particles .  
Einstein's theory of relative sizes and viewing positions STATES ......... that a scientist   on the moon looking at EARTH particle ...
 as a laboratory particle   ..... would see the airplanes as small particles


September 11 attacks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Two of the planes, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, were crashed into the North and South towers, respectively, of the World Trade ...


#92 - Uranium - U

Name, Uranium. Symbol, U. Atomic Number, 92.
Atomic Mass, 238.029
 atomic mass units. Number of Protons, 92. Number of Neutrons, 146. Number of ...


Proximity Sensors and Switches - Grainger Industrial Supply

W. W. Grainger

73 Results - Shop here for a wide selection of proximity switches and proximity sensors from Grainger to meet your manufacturing, robotics, and security ...

Inductive Proximity Sensors

Rockwell Automation

Our Inductive Proximity Sensors detect metal objects without touching them. ... 872L Limit Switch Style · 871P Canning Sensors · 871P VersaCube Multi-Positi

EARTH iron core  and EARTH  LANGUAGE   magnetic field interaction with human iron protein  LIFE  ....
gives the following EARTH LAB demo sepcimens 

Proximity Sensors and Switches

Proximity Sensors and Switches

Proximity Sensors and Switches

Proximity message  agent  ...

Sensors  of


String theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


In physics, string theory is a theoretical framework in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings. String theory describes how these strings propagate through space and interact with each other.

‎M-theory - ‎Introduction to M-theory - ‎String - ‎Calabi–Yau manifold

The year 2013 Boston Marathon demo of  running and vibrations of  2-legged people that are wearing  strings of  cotton fabric


Boston Marathon bombing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Boston Marathon bombing was a bombing incident, followed by subsequent related shootings, that occurred when two pressure cooker bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013. The bombs exploded about 12 seconds and 210 yards (190 m) apart at 2:49 pm EDT, near the marathon's finish line on Boylston Street.

Nature's  Department of Energy suspects were identified later that day as

Chechen brothers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev

The humans agents for electron volts  ...........


Electron Volt -  

BOSTON   LEGAL TRIAL in year 2015    

.....Universe Today

Universe Today

Feb 17, 2010 - From the name, electron volt, you might guess that this has something to do with electricity. Well, you'd be right, it does … but did you know that ...

definition of an electron volt - NASA Science - [email protected] › ... › [email protected] Headline News › 2001


George Lebo, University of Florida: "An electron volt (eV) is the energy that an electron gains when it travels through a potential of one volt. You can imagine that ...

Above the Boson WAR (the energy bombing signal)  for control of the city of Boston and the State of MASS (geography mass and atomic mass)


Boson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


In quantum mechanics, a boson (/ˈboʊsɒn/, /ˈboʊzɒn/) is a particle that follows Bose–Einstein statistics. Bosons make up one of the two classes of particles, the other being fermions.

‎Higgs boson - ‎Fermion - ‎Gauge boson - ‎W and Z bosons

Higgs boson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The Higgs boson or Higgs particle is an elementary particle in the Standard Model of particle physics.

Mass‎: ‎125.09±0.21 (stat.)±0.11 (syst.) G...

Discovered‎: ‎Large Hadron Collider ...


Discovered‎: ‎Large Hadron Collider ...

Discovered‎: ‎Large Hadron Collider ... advanced social applications

Discovered‎: ‎Large  Collider ...

a linear algebra  math array  .....  matrix

The year 1970 math  President for  N x N square matrix was --> bio-math entity named   --> NixoN 

The typical atomic social science question ...

What's   the  matter (with the Margaret  Mead atomic nuclear family and its atomic social life OUTPUT expression system) ?

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