The Leakey access to the EARTH water molecule continuum  VIA Nature's ZINJAN skull update project

RD-blog-number-3185 by Herb Zinser reviews various news and magazine  articles that help us understand Nature's water molecule  expression continuum and the  Solar SYSTEM light continuum and its interaction with life forms.   

 Electromagnetic light travels at C = 186, 000 miles per second  and interacts with cellulose plant and animal LIFE forms comprised of water molecule mass 18 and carbon atomic number 6  ......  INTEGER numbers 18 and 6 needed to intercept and adapt light at  c = 18  6   00  0 --> Water 18 carbon 6   oxygen orbitals   O = region of convergence in  Nature's signal processing.

Let's look at the water molecule number 18.

Humans are a skin/dermatology package with water molecules.

The human water molecule  package  HAS BEEN a a package of  social science, political, and economic secrets  ..known as the  HUMAN water molecule continuum SECRET manipulation and control society  ..comprised of millions of people and their Carl Jung collective GROUP MIND.

In the last 60 years .... the discovery of  the ZINJAN skull in Africa and its related information database .. enabled Nature's  system engineering to use the ZINJAN foundation    to develop a new information LANGUAGE   and  LANGUAGE activity probe technology to  penetrate the secret VEIL of the water molecule continuum  .......  and its  human GROUP MIND problem.

Above we have the code 1.8 million years  ...... LINK to molecule 18  via information logarithm ratios  of biology bio-math equation -->  bio + log y  ... using decimal base 10 fingers 

Thus we have the numeric LINK ..  the number  18 series






1,800,000 --> 1.8 miilion

This  calculation mechanism  attaches to  water molecule  continuum HISTORY going back 1.8 million year  ..establish a frame of reference at that TIME point ......and then moves forward into time the present time  .... year 1959 with Mary and L.S.. Leakey  .....  the 1st information  LEAK from the continuum ..confirmed in year 1972 by the Watergate information leak...... and restated with the Whitewater travel agency LEAK with President Clinton   ...........
his REAL message code White Water  ..reference to the White optical spectrum of the
Solar System   and the water continuum  we are writing about.

Now, that the LEAKEY family has started the  information flow .......code -->  Leak  key --> let's use the EARTH LANGUAGE data pipeline of Pipersville by  Watertown to learn more.

Getting Started with Big Data Architecture | Cloudera ...
Sep 10, 2014 - Big Data architecture is premised on a skill set for developing reliable, ... The main detail here is that 
data pipelines take raw data and convert it .


  • Pipersville, Wisconsin
  • Pipersville is an unincorporated community in the town of Ixonia in Jefferson County, Wisconsin, United States. It is located at the intersection of Jefferson County Roads P and E, about 4 miles southeast of Watertown.
  • Let's look at another blog post that  outlines the  modern WATER molecule message mechanism..

    RD-blog-number-3187 by Herb Zinser reviews newspaper reports about the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family conflicts. The periodic atomic table of life and thought GENERATES signal EVENTS 

    using 2-legged humans as message display devices.

    Let's look at such a signal using the water molecule continuum and its atomic social science ... message OUPTPUT mechanism.

    1. Watertown Daily Times Online : 
      Serving  information about water molecule expression activities ...
    2. Watertown Daily Times,  Wisconsin Newspaper

      Serving the Watertown, Wisconsin area since 1895 ... The Watertown Daily Times is the perfect gift! ... Our Newspaper;

    1. Citations issued 

    2. to 18    in   fight   at fair 

      - Watertown Daily ...

      ... Dodge County Sheriff's Department has issued 18 citations for disorderly conduct for a fight between teenagers that occurred at the Dodge County Fair. ... 18 in ...

      JUNEAU -- After a thorough investigation the Dodge County Sheriff's Department has issued 18 citations for disorderly conduct for a fight between teenagers that occurred at the Dodge County Fair.

      A total of 11 females ages 13-17 and seven males ages 14-17 from Beaver Dam, Horicon, Mayville, Burnett and Juneau were involved in the incident.


        Atomic Structure:
        Periodic Table Strand 
        Atomic Structure and Periodic Relationships ...

        and 18 groups or families (vertical columns).

      1. Info Please Periodic Table - Infoplease: Encyclopedia ... › … › Chemistry › Chemistry: General

        periodic table, chart of the ... There are 18 vertical columns, or groups, in the standard periodic table. ... its atomic number; its atomic weight ...

        18 cited after fight 18 cited after fight 18 cited after fight

        Part of the atomic table is shown below.

    The fight suggested that the

    atomic table has 2 existential views a double Nature.

    We have the traditional view

    of the atomic  table as used in physics and chemistry LAB. 

    The view is the Margaret Mead

    atomic social science expression system and its OUTPUT messages to  the few conscious and aware humans that pay attention to such matters.

    Other database clues point to

    additional  University of Wisconsin   awareness problems. males age 14   ..  numbers 7 and 14 .. code for DNA nitrogen bases.

    Thus we have Nature's project  ...  ZINJAN --> Z  +  IN  + JAN  -->  Z alphabet integer location 26  + Janesville --> hence, highway 26 Janesville to Watertown.

    In addition Highway 26 --> implies Z atomic number 26  of the ferrous oxide iRON atom.

    Janesville does not acknowledge this Earth Language / atomic  IRON relationship  .. hence, the closing of the GM iron automotive factory in Janesville.

    Thus in year 2015. we have  the ZINJAN information leak about the secret societies that manipulate Janesville ...... such a DICK and JANE  language TRICK commands to the human brain  computer SYMBOL PROCESSOR.

    Fun with Dick  .............. math economics ...

    Function code with Dick ....

    F (Dick)  

    FDIC --> Federal  (sperm) Deposit Insurance Corporation using DICK (penis slang word) taught elementary school children ......

    Thus you have some CLUES about language and its powers.