The  astronomy signals of Sanduleak --> Leakey   and Karl Jansky --> ZinJan skull  are an attempt to establish an anthropology / astronomy continuum on EARTH.


Let's review some concepts about astronomy and their advanced SECRET communication signals to  other scientists. 
Do you recognize the signal?

First, let's review a background perspective.

Keep in mind the  dual Nature of astronomy and astrophysics.  
Astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) is Nature's TEST site. 
Earth  is a subset of the universe ........... thus concepts and ideas that are used to describe astronomy events millions of miles aways in the Milky Way Galaxy and else   ...those same concepts may a different FORMAT ...... help explain some EARTH human events.

Thus we a have a system VIEW:

a) astronomy objects exist millions of miles away  
b) scientist on the geography surface of Earth ... build and use various telescopes to study such physical objects and their behavior and gather data
c) theorists build symbolic models with concepts and equations to explain the data 
d) the theories  and the the data are printed in various science papers and in science  magazines   ..... in the traditional   SCIENCE FORMAT .... 

e) the printed articles are read by other humans.  The words and symbols are input data streams to the eye telescope / optical nerve data pipeline --> brain photon  computer  that  has a bio-optical computer SYMBOLIC MACHINE with MFT = Multiple Fixed Tasks.  Thus the astronomy/ astrophysics input data stream  gets routed ... to the traditional astronomy TASK information processing region inside the brain.
Nature many route the concepts to a social engineering TASK processing region in the brain ....... or route the data to  Hollywood script write that may use new word concepts to write new science fiction books.

Thus we see the influence of astronomy/ astrophysics concepts ..... in regular SCIENCE ....and then their possible additional roles in other areas.

BLACK HOLE  applications to Nature's earthy social engineering systems and the  social process control FEEDBACK error signaling system.
BLACK HOLE application to EARTH wars -->  black  Hole = BLACKsburg Virginia and grave HOLES.

Other examples exist.  
Let's look at the Jansky SKY WARS  on EARTH and the battle of aliens ( 2-legged humans  with  alien  thought waves filled with social and political -nonsense..... that violates Nature's Central Nervous System 370 bio-computer  SYMBOLIC MACHINE quality control laws).

The JanSKY --> SKY WAR  .... human drama players.....  identifier newspaper code SKY.

Sky and high up ---> Monica Lewinsky and the high up  astronomy  President .... President Clinton ..president of Amerrican astronomers.
Sandusky --> name partitioned into SAND and SKY ---> Penn State signals to WHITE SAND  and the sky scientists



October « 2012 « Round Rio Rancho
Oct 31, 2012 – The VLA or Very Large Array (recently renamed the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array) is a ... The observatory is a part of the National Radio Astronomy ... from Socorro, NM which is now part of the White Sands Missile Range.

Jansky discovered extraterrestrial
Jansky discovered extraterrestrial
Jansky discovered extraterrestrial

Thus we see Nature's   SYMBOLIC MACHINE and its attempt to establish  the bi-directional communications LINK  ....  a continuum

ZinJAN <---------------------------------------------> JANSKY
archeology/antropology  <-------> astronomy /astrophysics 

Let's get another CLUE from the astronomy department  of SECRETS  ..... the set theory algebra   word that is the UNION of 2   diverse INTELLECTUAL regions   with a  DOWN TO EARTH geology common denominator.   The word ---> Sand   union of sets  Leak   ---> Sand u Leak.

Above...we see the SanduLeak --> Sand  union leak --> White Sands  radio astronomy union  L.S.B Leakey.

Above. words ...... strong H -alpha emission --> strong (mind) Human alphabet   e+ mission (english language mission)

Thus we see the possoible duality  of words .....    reading between the lines may give an additional message.  Good astronomy writers using an old CIA trick.

Sanduleak -->  Leak the secret -->message leaks --> L.s.N. Leakey and  Nature's 500 year ZINJAN skull upgrade project  ......   Nature's  special   development project for the advanced  Central Nervous System 370 abstract  brain symbolic optical processor.

Thus we have 

Mary Leakey - Garden City High School
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The Leakeys called the fossil species Zinjanthropus [zin jan'thra pas; from Arabic Zinj meaning "East Africa" and Greek anthropos meaning "human being"]

Thus Nature's  new  system continuum KEY is  to be  ---> Zin Jan Sky.

Since scientists deny  the  existence of  Nature's  ZIN JAN  project, thus Nature denies the existence of Jan SKY  intellectuals ...... and considers astronomers and their universites and institutions as ALIENS  to the intellectual social science  CONCEPT continuum  ...... with incomplete brain awareness  ...... their brain cells  are filled with Hollywood  versions of  social science REALITY values.  

Hollywood brain programming tricks ---> How did Chuck Norris of the televison show TEXAS RANGERS  get to  the Norris Hall shoot-out in the engineering building ...that is Virginia TECH mechanical engineering. social engineering, and brain engineering building with the brain SYMBOLIC MACHINE. Thus we live in a big world  ..... and EARTH astronomers out use their eyes/retina  and brain  telescopes  ..... .and look at the huamn events on EARTH ..... some are messages to the  hypnotized astronomers.  Will those good gentlement  say  EUREKA    and awaken

Let's look at an additional CLUE using E = EARTH N = Nature  --> EN --> Earth Nature English language and its extension.
What common denomintaoir of EARTH geology connects ...ZIN JAN + JAN SKY.

Oldavai Gorge ......Olduvai Gorge - Serengeti

Explore Africa to find the Olduvai Gorge also known as the Cradle of Mankind is a ravine and archaeological site in the Great Rift Valley, Serengeti National...

Below, the Old in Africa  with EARTH sand/  gravel ---> message to the New  in the  New Me (pronoun me = Zinjan extension)  ,,, New Me in New Mexico with parallel Earth sand/ gravel / rockey soil.

Will the NEW  communicate with humans agent / spokepersons  for the OLD.

Let's look at another contrast RATIO. 

The Earth geography mathematical-physics space is well-known by the studies of bio-math logarihtms life form BORN in the math existential space of  Logan Utah .... and subsequently went to CalTECH to stufy astronomy and astrophysics.

Lets look at the Base 16 hexadecimal geo-computer region of EARTH ... Base 16 Hex'AF' = 175 --> AF in AFRICA.   Thus Nature's ancient ZINJAN bio-computer using atomic bio-physics system of oxygen atomic mass 16 computer base 16.

Thus COMPUTER EARTH and its ancient data processing features with geography hexadecimal LAND ....AF --> AFRICA  and   code Hex' AF' = 175  pointer to 1.75 million years ago and  the base 16 thoughts of oxygen atomic computer 16  in the LU = logical Unit = Lungs of  ZINJAN.

Will modern computer programmers at WHITE SANDS  ......recognize the ZINJAN system need for the Jansky extension to the continuum.

WHITE SANDS people use copper-wire computers  ...... in 1990 terms ...perhaps an IBM system 370 with SNA VTAM   with OS/JCL    and online applications with CICS  and batch programs in COBOL ..Fortran... BAL or PL/1.

Louis Seymour Bazett Leakey (L.S.B. Leakey) (7 August 1903 – 1 October 1972) was a British archaeologist and naturalist whose work was important in establishing human evolutionary development in Africa.  Thus we see a new human species in America ... the parallel to the Africa sand/gravel / geology. 

The reseason scientists and programmers accept job  offers in the White Sands region ....... is  their  DEEP, down inner soul recognizes something.  Their deepest LEVEL of sub-consciousness ......that has some  primordial INSTINCT  ..... contains vague subliminal MIND memories of sand / gravel  .... a 2-legged life thinking form  with Base 16 Hex"AF'  ....... thus,  the  COMPUTER SYSTEM ANALYSTS ...upon traveling to New Mexico for the job offer    ..... recognizes these   ancient   geography  and hex origin signs ..... and estalishes an  base 2 affinity with New Mexico ....  the white sands geology LINK ro Africa   and the  computer job with the BASE 16 LINK to hex"AF' = Africa   1.75 million year ago.

Thus his subconscicous MIND  works and hopes that someone may take these deeper levesl of REALITY  .... CLUES  to a level on consciousness and try to put the pieces of thre puzzle together. 

Thus modern radion astronomy ..... looking for extraterrestials ......ought   look   2 directions  in our high school algebra quadratic equation universe ..which includes the EARTH.  Remember the concept  .......... 1 algebra equation has  2 answers ... ... 2 roots.

! answer comes from radio astronomy, etc  ...astrophysics ...... the ORIGIN and creation of the distant  galaxies.

1 answer comes from the other direction ...... .archeology and paleonotolgy with Nature's project plan ...key project milestone with NAME:


Hence, Nature's NEED and Nature's orders to  establish  the communications LINK among modern humann representatives   of the 2  ENDS of the continuum .....  ZINJAN    <---------------->  JANSKY.

The refusal of world government to establish communications LINKS with Nature's  selection of sopkepersons ...

has created the conflict  bewteen NATURE  and  Norway, Britian, and other government SCIENCE agencies.

Thus the  JANSKY SKY WARs,

 Alan Sokal SCIENCE WARS with the Arch DUKE Ferdinand agents at DUKE,

the GALILEO battle of SEp 11, 2001 ..... message ..... the " 2 Chief WORLD systems"   battle at the "2 Towers of the WORLD Traitor Center".

Below,,,,,,modern scientists and computer analyst  ....... see with their EYES 

1) the NEW ---> New Mexico geography landscape  INPUT to their eyes/optical nerve 

2) the modern  version of base 16 from an IBM computer language manual or a college textbook.

Thus ..... the WHITE SANDS people   .....  upon  seeing the New Mexico geography  and the copper-wire computer equipment   AND the radio telecopes    ..........  establish a bio-computer bio-optical LINK deep within themselves  ...  some DEEP SECRET of their ancient origins  ..... an ancient sub-conscious knowledge database that WANTS to  raise up to a level of conscious expression / awareness ..... the ZINJAN desire to LINK to JANSKY.

The radio telescopes point  to outer space the Solar System and the MIlky Way galaxy  ......

the big EAR of EARTH geography points to inner space (spirit) and the related  clues from the study od ancient man and civilizations

The RADO TELECOPES are very good   and represent very complex electronic engineering  technology.   Now we ought include some simple, basic concepts   from Nature's ZINJAN skull update project  (last 500 years or so)   ....and formulate a updated model of the BIG Picture as requied by Grand Unified Theory ..... or the THEORY of Everything in  existence which includes   ZIN JAN SKY.