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Herb Zinser's Science Reports​

Leakey Star Wars ..... the evolution of Warlord ZsinJ to translator ZinJan sin J --> Wisconsin, Janesville to Watertown 

The human bio-computer system has existed for thousands of years. The eye/retina optical computer system was begun with the Greek alphabet and agent Plato and Socartes and others. That project of Nature encountered difficulties. In year 1453, Nature's atomic bio-physics department started the GUT printing press project with humanoid GUTENBURG ...thus the evolution of GRAND UNIFIED THEORY to year 2012.

The printing press enabled Nature to start anew with many eye/ optical nerve. projects ....such as the development of a new, general purpose Central Nervous System 370 abstract brain symbolic processor for year 2000. Thus year 2000 was a project milestone for one of Nature's many projects in bio-computer and bio-optical computer systems with the human platform .

The development of copper wire main-frame computers between 1950 and 1984 ..provides us with a partial mirror of ourselves. Thus superysmmetry physics with symbolic mirrors and parallel processing dimensions of REALITY.

The second major invention was around 1950 - television. This invention allowed many things to happen ...

with the major networks NBC, ABC, and CBS.

In year 2012, the government and corporations use these networks to broadcast commands to CONTROL citizen thougthts ....thus in addition to opitical and audio commands to the puppet audience ...we have

NBC = Nitrgogen Bases CODE --> Nitrogen Bio-Chemistry .....a consequence of broadcast ERRORS is Texas Army Base, Fort Hood and the Darwinian selection of biochemistry soldier NH = Nidal Hasan. DARPA, the Pentagon, and univerrsities deny the existence of Darwin and the other components of the message processing SIGNAL via a tragedy.

ABC --> Atomic Brain Computers

The importance of optical systems...that is bio-optical systems using the human platform ..became significant around 1960 the debates between Presidential Candidates ...... Mr.N = Nitrogen Quaker agent and Mr.K = Potassium Catholic agent ...... living within Nature's continuum comprised of the multi-facted dimensions of Sartre existentialsism

What role did television play in the Kennedy/Nixon "Great Debates ...

What role did television play in the Kennedy/Nixon "Great Debates" ... In addition,Nixon refused to wear make-up to improve his color and his clothes did not ...

1960: The First Mass Media Election - The New York Times Upfront ...

the new medium of television played a decisive role in The race between John F. ..."Kennedy was elected based largely on what happened in those debates." ... thatNixon, who was recovering from the flu but had declined to wear makeup, ...

Our Campaigns - Event - First Kennedy-Nixon Debate - Sep 26, 1960

[NYT 7/29/1960] Nixon then wanted the debates to be televised without ... The Senator [JFK] was dressed in an oxford gray single-breasted suit in the narrow Ivy ...Nixon wore what was called "pancake makeup," which made him sweat.

Thus year 1960 began a new era of optical wars ...with TV, print, graphics, etc. Then the publishing industry , Holloywood movie and television industry entered the battle of CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM 360 and 370 human bio-computer wars with bio-optical symbolic processors.    

Then ...laying the groundwork for a major OPTICAL war ....was STAR TREK with Dr.Benjamin Spock for baby engineers ....a psychology manipulation trick to fool the world of math profesosrs, engineers, and physics students ...and they succeeded. In year 2012,,,,,the universities are filled with whimps and chicken brains ...when is comes to the BRAVE NEW WORLD social pschology war ...currently in progress.

After Star Trek ......provided telvision INPUT DATA the eye/otptical nerve and its optical thought system ...a new alegbraic information DATA SET was satrted in the format .... a Carl Jung optical collective unconscious level within the GROUP MIND and this was linked to the Carl Jung atomic collective...known as the periodic atomioc table of life and thought. 

Thus ..... with these new foundations established ..Nature and the GUT optical system manger subroutines and driver subroutines ..slowly built a massive optical military system using an independent TASK Processing region inside the human brain. The human brain computer studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and the the system 37.0 million dollar library proposal clearly stated the configuration of Madison humanoid brain processors with MFT = Multiple Fixed Tasks ......supported by the LSMFT smoke project ..Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco for Madison arrogance intellectual fools that failed to perfect their secret BS neurotransmitter tricks.

Thus Nature continues ..... the optical WAR components are perceived by some authors/ writers ..who then write books, movie and TV scripts, paperback books ...... and they have theme/story ...such as STAR WARS or some mystery series ......and embdded within some of the books ...are CLUES to the NATURE of the optical war ...that is taking place at some subliminal mind level. These authors are able to intercept some of the subliminal mind conflicts.......and then bring that DATA to a surface level of consciousness ...allowing the DATA to be available to those few serious, concerned analysts myself. My bio-computer system DOES not have the direct access to the subliminal mind level ...... but indirectly, thru some authors and writers ...... I slowly can see and understand the LEVEL of thought activity and how it influence daily behavior. SIGNALING bio-device known as SIGNAL Freud also did what the authors do, as did Carl Jung, Russell/Whithead and others. Thus directly or indirectly ,,,,,the information data base is available for the curious person....that puts in the effort of months and years understand EVENTS, etc. 

Now we can view NATURE optical system a director ....that sends messages to subset-humans ..hoping that such human may consider the possibilty the message may involve peoploe of his/her type. 

Let;s look at a exmaple.

I already mentioned ...STAR TREK televsion, books, and paperback books.

Then came the STAR WARS movie around 1979 ...... and the shooting photon torpeds in the movie are symbolic of some TELEVISION shows that use optical tricks to attack the audience optical nerve processor. Thus the movie STAR WARS the surface what it is ....... but a subset of the movie is about optical wars REALITY ..involving Madison Avenue advertsing and marketing tricks and schemes ....TO TRICK the brain symbolic computer in making baised decisions. NOW, Nature built the Central Nervous System 370 optical computer,,,,,,and Nature will NOT be pushed around by any human or the Federal Communication Commisiion or some IVY League univerisity. Hence, the WAR ....know known as the SCIENCE WARS and the Leakey component.

Princess Leia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jump to Star Wars literature‎: ...

House of Alderaan, in the person of Leia 

Organa Solo

 and ... in The Courtship of Princess Leia, Leia marries Han after a ...

What is the TRUE NATURE of the proper nouns above...their symbolic life ...that enables the optical BRAIN to establish links at the atomic and molecular information level ..within your optical system. Thus Nature uses YOU as a bio-computer platform .....letsd see how this works in Wisconsin .....with the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

ORGANA Solo --> Organic Chemistry textbook by SOLOMON

The Madison, Wisconsin situtation can be explained by the university ...since they have complete awareness and knowledge of all existences.

WHO Madison ..represents ....for the organic chemistry department DEMO ..... Nature's organic molecular ..political science abilities.

House of Alderaan, in the person of Leia 

Organa Solo

No prosecution against alderman; woman still claims vindication ...

Oct 21, 2011 – MADISON (WKOW) -- Officials with the Dane County district attorney's office declined to prosecute Madison councilman Solomon for an ...

Thus we see the strange world of organic life forms and expressions in Madison, Wisconsin . Madison does NOT communicate...according to the HIierarchy Problem of physics ......since they are at the TOP of the ELITE thinkers in GESTALT WORLD affairs ...... the problem exists with others who fail to recognize that. That SUPEROR attitude from Wisconsin citizens and Wisconsin resulted in the Nature's Lake Superior message to the Department of Agriculture and the death of superior farm policies of Ron Nil. The Base 16 Hex'FFA' farm land policies resulted in the brain error accident of Matt Anderson. The Boy Scouts lack of respect regarding NATURE and the outdoors,,,resulted in the bio-computer murder of Sam Hengel. Thus we see a complex puzzle ....and tragic signals.... ..about our relationship with EARTH and Nature...that we ought understand.

Given the STAR WARs supersymmetry optical physics PRACTICAL expression above ...let's look at another Wisconsin message.

The LeaKey --> LEAK Key ....

Leakey --> Leak + ey --> Leak eye ....levels of eye/optival thoughts....the archaeology level on photons and electromagnetic optics .....with paleontology -->Pa + leon --> Particle physics Leon Lederman ..levels of basic atomic and photon existential thoughts

Mary and L.S.B. Leakey ......and their work consisted of 2 parts...the physical work in the discovery of the physical ZINJAN SKULL ...and their writings...their symbolic work using the English language of nouns, verbs, etc. that eventually ENTER the James Joyce stream of consciousness and other levels of communicative throught . Thhus 20 or 30 years later ...around 1990 ...2000 ..... the subliminal MIND of science fiction writers .. picked up on the ZINJAN skull concepts .......and thus came into being the proper noun ZsinJ --> Zin Wisconsin Jan .--> Zin (also name TENZIN) Wisconsin Janesville and the elementary grammer school book ......used by ZINJAN --> Jan -->Dick and Jane.

The reason ZINJAN did not wirite and print the cellulose school book...millions of years ago ...was the lack of printing facilities. It was rought back then.. So NATURE took his thoughts ...saved them kept passing them down the evolutionary pathway...the line of thought ...

using bio-INFORMATION carriers (humanoid, Monkeys, huamns that mokey around). Thus ancient hierloom ...the ZINJAN powers passed the earthly space/time and various cultures to await NATURE's need ...and thus the STAR WARS the preliminary announcement of the archaeology STAR ..the ZINJAN skull UPDATE is ready .....

ready 2K --> Read 2yk signal you have the bio-computer update ...required for continued evolution.  

Zsinj (alias for ZIinJan) campaign

- Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki

Under the command of Corellian hero Han Solo, a large fleet led by the Mon Remonda was ... The warlord accidentally provided a good deal of intelligence to Wraith ... The last Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker, pursued Solo with Isolder's Battle ...

Zsinj - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki

Zsinj's forces fought Solo's task force on several occasions, each taking turns laying the bridge of Zsinj's flagship, Solo slew the warlord and brought about the ..... Zsinjput in a hypercomm call to Han Solo from the cockpit of a Lambda-class ... The Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker pursued Solo with Isolder's Battle Dragon, ...

Han Solo - Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki

Han Solo was a Human smuggler from the manufacturing planet Corellia who ... Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa, whom he helped rescue from the ... wife and faithful Wookiee friend, Solo fought against Warlord Zsinj, Grand Admiral ...

Warlord Zsinj, Grand Admiral --> WARLORD ZinJan Grand Unified Theory of atomic archaeology physics with LEON Lederman and his primordial atomic pa.LEON.otology soul in the CH = Carbon/hydrogen organic chemistry city of CH.icago. LEON awaits new dimensions of self-discovery.     

Below, the Hollywood character WARLORD Zsinj ....... that in supersymmetry physics a symbolic mirror for some of the Margaret Mead nuclear familty .....atomic social economic conflicts on the surface of EARTH ........ explained in ZsinJ terminology ...that then can be mapped to some of the events reported in newspapers ....the combined information data streams providing a more accurate data base to enable explanation of the deeper levels of an event or process.