Wisconsin with Governor Doyle, DNA, and the ZinJAN SKU11 project of Janesville.


From the Z-papers by Herb Zinser

Z-paper 741 use Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE languages that are described in  basic college biochemistry, math,  and  science textbooks.

Pope Benedict XVI - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

His sister, Maria Ratzinger, who never married, managed 

Cardinal     Ratzinger's      household until her death in 1991. 

Their grand-uncle was the German politician ...

The type of  Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family studies ..... involves .....

Greek    Goddess  List  in use at FermiLAB ......

from the  INTERNET site -->  http://www.goddess-guide.com/greek-goddess-list.html

we have the secret FermiLAB   communications  signal ....

  I decided to compile the Greek Goddess list as 

when I was researching both online and through my collection of books for this project I

 had great diffficulty in finding one in the format I required.

Above, is a  picture of the  ODDONE  format  ... with his Herbert Spencer suspense mystery signal about 2 parallel lines and parallel universes    ... the suspenders.

Asteria: - Goddess of the stars and the last immortal to live with man  --> codes --> fermat's last theorem and  orbital theory

Hera: - Queen of the Olympian Goddesses and Goddess of      marriage  -->  symbols marr --> math array

Nature and the EARTH magnetic field  VECTORS  that interact with humans   .... have a influence on our personal social  lives.

Thus we see some pieces to an interesting puzzle about Nature's expression systems technology    ...  using humans as expression vehicles..